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Interactive AI Industry Mindmaps 

The ultimate tool to discover the intricacies of the AI industry ecosystem. Our innovative and user-friendly maps offer an unparalleled overview of the advances and trends in AI technologies, companies, and research worldwide.

How Interactive Mindmaps Work

Our interactive mindmaps are user-friendly, allowing you to zoom in and out, click on nodes, and explore the relationships between all industry participants. The maps are designed to provide a comprehensive and intuitive overview of the AI industry ecosystem, covering startups, investors, research institutions, and major tech players.

Need a Custom Mindmap? 
We are here to help

Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or researcher, our interactive mindmaps are the perfect tool for understanding the AI industry ecosystem. If you would like guidance in navigating the mindmaps, or if you would like to create a custom mindmap for your organization, our team is here to help.


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