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AI Industry Analytics

AI Industry Analytics (AiiA) is an analytical agency that has created the world’s first, definitive analysis on the global AI ecosystem of companies, investors, and hubs. By combining the power of Big Data Industry analytics with advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, AiiA provides unparalleled insights and solutions in real time.


AiiA monitors the development of AI companies, investors, hubs, and R&D centers and provides valuable information to its clients on the latest trends and developments in the AI industry.

AI Industry Analytics IT Platform Components

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Unleash the Power of Analytics, Benchmarking, and Ratings

Are you an AI company seeking to stand out in the competitive landscape?
Showcase your business professionally with AI Industry Analytics. 
Get featured on our analytical platform, benchmarking data, and AI industry ratings.

Global AI Economy Size Assessment. Report.png

AI Industry Global Economy Size Preliminary Assessment

The Artificial Intelligence sector is experiencing unprecedented growth. The US generative AI companies alone have garnered $8 billion in investments between 2020-2022. Our comprehensive analysis projects the global AI economy to reach a staggering $32 trillion by 2027. For a detailed and holistic overview of this burgeoning market, we invite you to access our report. All pertinent analytics, data, and trends have been systematically consolidated for your perusal. Stay informed — understand the future trajectory of the AI industry with AI Industry Analytics.

Deep Knowledge Group Projects Platform

End-to-End platform to discover, become involved with, or invest in Deep Knowledge Group’s current scope of market-ready products and projects. Learn about, participate in and invest in Deep Knowledge Group's current portfolio of projects and products that are market-ready.

AI Jobs Marketplace

Are you passionate about artificial intelligence and looking for your next career move? Our marketplace connects talented individuals like you with top-notch companies seeking AI expertise


AI Advanced Industry Landscape Analytics Platforms

AI in BioMed.png
AI in BioMed
AI in Femtech Round mm (5).png
AI in FemTech

DeepTech and Longevity Industry Financial Advisors

DeepTech and Longevity Industry Financial Advisors is a leading advisory boutique focused on the Longevity and DeepTech industries, providing intermediary financial services that are deployed in the form of an interactive online semi-automated IT-platform designed for end-users of investment products and services including professional investors, family offices, and institutional investors.

DeepTech LIFA (1).png
Philanthropy International.png

Philanthropy.International Open-Source Platform & Data Analytics System and Dashboard

The cutting-edge solution to revolutionize the way we approach social change and impact, harnessing the power of frontier technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain to address the diverse challenges facing the global philanthropy ecosystem.

AI Industry Data Analytics Dashboard

AI Industry Data Analytical System and Dashboard is a unique solution for market intelligence and analytics which profiles the entire AI Industry, and provides automation tools for intelligent data-driven decision making for start-ups, investors, corporations, and governments. The data and its analytical tools can be employed by users to achieve their business and investment goals.


AI Data Analytics Platform

This Analytical Platform is a subdivision of AI Industry Analytics that specialises in providing market intelligence solutions through the application of Big Data and advanced technological approaches. It has structured the main sections of the AI Industry with practical and infrastructural applications, including scientific, technological and other elements of this industry and ecosystem such as Commercial Benchmarks, Standard Benchmarks, AI Mindmaps, Open Source Collection, and Infrastructure.

AI Industry Mindmaps

AI Industry Analytics has developed a range of interactive and static mindmaps aimed at providing users with a comprehensive view of the entire AI Industry, based on the AI applications sectors and regional distributions. Users are able to filter and distribute companies inside the mindmap to meet their research needs. 

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Proprietary Analytics

Our range of proprietary services includes custom consulting projects, based on the specific customer needs, as well as a collection of pre-produced “ready-to-use” proprietary reports, produced by our research team, covering general trends and specific action ideas and strategic insights related to the most promising investment prospects (e.g., new AI technologies, AI-powered startups), M&A prospects, and strategic growth ideas (trends profiling, industry overviews, etc).

InvestTech Platform for Private Equity

The ultimate end-to-end solution for private equity investments. A one-stop platform that meets multiple goals in private investing: the ideal tool for start-ups to boost fundraising and for investors to deploy capital securely.

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Marketing and Media Activities.gif

Marketing and Media Activities

A set of initiatives aimed at widening users’ network of partners, identifying prospective market niches, and boosting the client inflow for insurance corporations.

AI Industry Leaders Database

The interactive database aggregates personalities having a significant impact on the development of the AI Industry. The database involves decision makers who are either involved in the development of advanced AI solutions, or are trusted visionaries who are making projections for the future of AI.  

AI Industry framework.png

AI Industry Analytical Framework

AI Industry Analytics has developed an analytical framework that provides a complete overview of the AI industry based on the practical implementation of AI. This framework is designed to analyze and evaluate the AI industry across various dimensions, including technology, innovation, investment, and commercialization.

Invest in Ukraine Tech

Our platform provides unparalleled access to Venture Capital and Private Equity market data in Ukraine, giving you a comprehensive overview of the investment landscape. Insights, resources, and opportunities for investors, tech enthusiasts, and startups interested in exploring the burgeoning tech landscape of Ukraine

Invest in Ukraine Tech.jpg
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Became a Part of Our Team

Join our visionary team, where ambition meets innovation. We’re seeking talented, proactive individuals passionate about shaping the future through science and technology. If you’re ready to excel in the venture capital market and frontier technologies, apply today for a chance to be part of our extraordinary journey.

AI Industry Analytics – Powered by Deep Knowledge Group

AI Industry Analytics is a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group, a data-driven consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations active on many fronts in the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, BioTech, Pharma, FinTech, GovTech, SpaceTech, FemTech, Data Science, InvestTech), ranging from scientific research to investment, entrepreneurship, analytics, consulting, media, philanthropy and more.

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