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Company Analysis

Marketing and Media Activities

The complex of measures aimed at enhancing the brand development activities tailored to increase awareness among other decision-makers in the AI Industry of the innovative approaches applied by the client.

Such business development initiatives would help to extend the client’s network of partners and clients. 

The set of media and marketing activities involve the following components. 

Identification of New Business Vectors

Comprehensive overview of the client’s marketing activities in the AI Industry, finding needs that are not sufficiently met, and identification of emerging niches in which the client can achieve significant competitive advantage.

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Holding Joint Events

Holding online conferences, webinars, and panel discussions on the most innovative topics with targeting the partner's network of Deep Knowledge Group.   


Screening Competitors’ Marketing Initiatives

Investigation of competing companies engaged in the defined industry domains. The goal of such analysis is to identify the strong and weak points of competitors' marketing strategies, approaches and applied technologies.

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