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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Carry out technical, financial and qualitative due diligence on companies

Any investment decision is conducted based on a specific analysis called due diligence. The process of due diligence encompasses the use of different approaches that allow analysis and comparison of companies. Thus, the assessment of one company ends up in a multi-layer comparison of tens or even hundreds of companies. Carry out technical, financial and qualitative due diligence on companies.


Enhanced due diligence includes deep ratios analysis of scientific and technological strength, assessment of management team, analysis of marketing, IP and other pertinent metrics to strengthen and automate the due diligence process.

Let's make some examples

No matter which dashboard you are currently using, your left tab works as a navigation tool, where you can access the dashboard's pages. Here you will find the Companies tab. 

View the comprehensive data on private and public companies through the dashboards. Compare the performance and conduct the multiparametric analysis of private companies.


Go to the Companies tab and use the search to find the companies you are interested in. By clicking the Details button you’ll be directed to the profile of the company under question. It delivers the list of parameters characterizing the general performance of the company. Here you’ll also find the competitors of the selected company active in the same market segment that can be useful for due diligence.


Click on the SWOT Analysis tab on the same page to understand the weak and strong sides of the selected company. We gather 170 market parameters to provide you with the most holistic view of the company. We process this data with our proprietary NLP algorithms and show it in an easy-to-access manner of SWOTS. Our data includes not only financial information about the company since in many cases it might lead to misrepresentation of the company's actual position. We also look at the company's R&D level, its team members, collaborations, scientific publications, and much more!


Dashboards focused on public companies have a simplified retrospective portfolio constructor, empowering users with a personalized investment universe driven by state-of-the-art analytics. Choose among 7 portfolio types to select one that perfectly meets your needs. Pick stocks for the following portfolio strategies: equally weighted, growth optimal portfolio (GMV), growth optimal portfolio (EF), minimum variance, Sharpe ratio-based, market capitalization-weighted portfolios or create the customized portfolio. The tool is developed to easily provide stock weights in the basket (including negative values for opening short positions), expected income from investment, performance dynamics over time and a variety of portfolio metrics.


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