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Dashboards Constructor

Dashboard Constructor is a comprehensive and fully customizable platform designed to cater to specific needs.

This no-code solution offers an array of features, including:

Multiple Presettled Tools and Components

Extensive collection of pre-built advanced front-end elements, expertly crafted for various applications such as market intelligence, investment analytics, comparative analysis, due diligence, and more.

Big Data Design

Efficient visualisation of complex datasets, including market interconnectedness across various sub-industries and multiple entity types without limitations on the number of analyzed entities, entity clusters, markets covered, or other constraints.

Universal Constructor, Customization

A unique feature developed for efficient no-code creation of customized dashboards is developed to visualize the multiparametric assessment of an individual company.

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Key benefits
Customizable visualizations
Data-driven decision-making
Increased efficiency
Faster problem-solving

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