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Get actionable insights on the flow of capital across VC, PE and M&A in the AI Industry

Follow the announcements on partnerships, collaborations, acquisitions and investments from the private and public companies in the AI sector.


The AI sectors have a large potential to impact the whole economy essentially. Knowledge of the key institutional and accredited investors in this industry is crucial for the survival and development of every company operating in the market.

You can map competitors' landscapes for each entity represented in the Big Data Analytics Dashboards with a few clicks.


To do this, press the Competitors tab on the navigation bar, select the type of the organization (investor or company) and run a search. You will instantly get the list of investors, competitors and their portfolio companies. 


Big Data Analytics Dashboards deliver the AI thematic reports covering the periodic technological, investment and business trends.


Click on the Downloadable tab at the navigation bar to see the reports relating to the tech focus of the dashboard. 


Get insights on the weak and strong positions of companies through comparative SWOT analysis.


Click on the Comparative tab, pick the entities you are interested in and visualize their business performance across multiple parameters.   


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